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28 April 2018

Eventsourcing 101

by Bob

Last month I travelled to Romania to give a talk about event sourcing [] at CodeCamp [] in Iasi. The talk was a quick 101 on what eventsourcing is, why you might want to do it, and then I demoed how to implement and persist an eventsourced domain model.

Unfortunately there’s no video from the conference, because I was extraordinarily handsome and especially witty that day, but I’ve just uploaded the video of my trial run [] at work.

Slides and code are up on Github [] in case you want to try the exercise yourself, or to impersonate me. I made a few changes after this trial run, but the video should be close enough that you can work it out. If not, you can email me - bob at and I’ll try and help you out.

I’ll be returning to this subject in the near future as part of the series on Ports and Adapters [], but I’ve been a little busy with some other projects [].

tags: architecture - talks